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Conserve Cash – Conserve Credit – Accelerated Tax Savings – Update Equipment

$1 Buyout: Set payment for set term and at lease end, the equipment is owned for $1. This is best used for equipment that doesn’t lose its value and things like software.

F.M.V:(Fair Market Value) is the most flexible lease agreement and offers the lowest payments and improves cash flow.  FMV leases offer accelerated first year tax deductions under section 179 of the tax code. At Lease End for FMV, you have the following options: Purchase, Return, Renew, or Rent.

Leasing Made Simple: Get Financed in four easy steps

1. Complete our 30 second application by clicking the button below.
2. We will email you your lease documents shortly upon approval
3. Simply Sign and Fax or Email the documents back to LeaseStation
4. You’re Done! When your equipment arrives you will receive a call to verify the arrival of your equipment.